[Beta] Algolia Search API

Hey everyone!

Today’s we’ll be running a beta test on Algolia’s Search API in order to test to see if it’ll boost the performance of our system up. What this basically means is that some of the records, such as Website Announcements issues by the Afterthought System Team are handled offsite on Algolia’s servers. Algolia is widely used in the tech industry including with companies like Slack and our payment processor also fintech companies like Stripe.

We will be doing this beta period until we vet out any bugs that might occur and if we do see some significant performance changes. We’ve started a rollout by using Algolia on our System Announcements that you might see on the top of your screen when enabled. We’ll start to slowly move this over to the NCIC search system as well.

If you notice any bugs, please report them to aftsys.us/bug-report. Our Engineering Team is still on standby for any bugs requiring intervention.

Johnny and Drake