[Billing Change] Stripe Subscriptions

Hey all,

Today we deployed a new update that changes the way we handle subscriptions. Previously, our subscription system required community owners to manually renew their communities and had many limitations (i.e. no ability to upgrade/downgrade plans, etc).

With that being said, our team is happy to announce our migration over to Stripe Subscriptions. For those who aren’t familiar, Stripe is a payment processing company that we’ve used for years.

Below highlights key features with this new system:

  • Provides a billing portal where you can manage your payment methods, plans, and billing information
  • Allows you to change plans easily. All plans are prorated according to Stripe’s model.

You’ll need to ensure that you are following our Resources Policy within our Terms of Service when upgrading and downgrading plans. You need to make sure that you do not have too many departments or too many users, etc. This may result in your community being temporarily suspended until the issue is resolved.

  • Automated Payments (i.e. your community will be renewed automatically each month charging your default payment method)
  • Access to invoices and receipts (you’ll be able to access your invoices and receipts through the billing portal within Terminal)

Common Questions:

Can I upgrade, then downgrade during the same month?

If you make a purchase for a plan that has more resources than your community needs in a given month and want to downgrade that same month, you can do so. Your plan will be prorated, then credit will be applied to your account.

Questions? Concerns? Drop them below or reach out at support@afterthought-system.com!