Blue Country Roleplay

Blue Country Roleplay is a FiveM Roleplaying community that has opened July 1st, 2020. We are a group of people that like to play professional, quality roleplay. We love to have great roleplay that is well thought out. We rely on non priority roleplay, this means the majority of the roleplay in our patrol servers does not involve into gun fights but into cool, realistic and fair roleplay. If you are looking for constant 24/7 action then this is not the place. Our community is focused on having fun for everyone. Every member has a voice in this community.

Check out our departments here Los Santos Police Department San Andreas Highway Patrol Blaine County Sheriff’s Office San Andreas Civilian Department

  • Beautiful Non ELS custom vehicles.
  • CAD/MDT system.
  • Never the same deal, every patrol is different!
  • Random events, such as concerts, disasters and so on.
  • Each department is unique.
  • Custom EUP uniforms.
  • Radar and other advanced tools for LEO’s.
  • Civilians have a lot of freedom.
  • Not a priority server. We dislike priorities.
  • Friendly and respectful staff.
  • Flexible community.
  • Serious RP. No drama during RP sessions.
  • Daily improving by member feedback!
  • Daily patrols.

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Join our interview discord here! required if you wish to join BCRP!

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