Dynamic Lawbook, what is your envision?

Hey everyone,

We want to hear about what type of dynamic lawbook you’d like to have on Afterthought System! This has been a feature we’ve been wanting to add since last year, but have had many delays. One of these delays included the indecisiveness of the type of dynamic lawbook to offer.

What is a dynamic lawbook?

A dynamic lawbook is where all your penal codes are stored within Afterthought System, then when you’re writing a warning, ticket, etc it’ll bring up that list and you can attach it to your citation/warning/arrest report, etc.

What are the options?

I’ll give you a brief overview of both options, then the pros and cons of each after

  1. Full-scale dynamic lawbook: This will be a full module that brings up a list of your penal codes broken down by title then by sections.
  2. Multidropdown dynamic lawbook: This will consist of 1 dropdown containing the list of penal codes set by your community when you issue a new ticket/arrest report/warning, etc. This will only be displaying a “section” or a charge you’ll be filing compared to both titles and section filtering.

Full-Scale Dynamic Lawbook


  • Gives you a full extended list of the penal codes with titles and sections


  • May result in a longer load time depending on the number of titles and sections your community has
  • May result in a lot of scrolling due to the long list of penal codes communities may have

Multidropdown Dynamic Lawbook


  • Shorter load times depending on the number of titles and sections your community has
  • More compact design
  • You can search for each charge you might want to file, but will only consist of a list of sections instead of both titles and sections


  • Only displays penal code “charges” or section compared to each section sorted by titles, then broken down into sections

No matter the option, there will be a significant speed difference between the two, but no matter which option is chosen we’ll be ensuring that there be no performance loss on the main system by utilizing Algolia’s search API.

Now, it’s time for you to cast your vote! Vote below to take your pick on which system/design you’d prefer personally. If you have any questions before voting, you can simply reply to this thread and I’ll answer it :blush: To vote, simply select the “Full-Scale Dynamic Lawbook” option or the “Multidropdown Dynamic Lawbook” option.

Dynamic Lawbook Poll
  • Full-Scale Dynamic Lawbook
  • Multidropdown Dynamic Lawbook

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Poll will close Sunday, December 27, 2020

Here are some visuals of what each option looks like!

Full-Scale Dynamic Lawbook

Multidropdown Dynamic Lawbook

I like the first idea better! :slight_smile:

Here’s an example of the Multidropdown Dynamic Lawbook in our community partner, Blue Country Roleplay’s custom system.

The poll has closed. We will be going with the Multidropdown Dynamic Lawbook.