[Looking for volunteers for feedback group] New MDT System for Terminal

Hey all,

As we are progressing with that development, we’ve been wanting to get some feedback from the communities, users, and community owners that utilize our platform on a daily basis. We’re currently looking for users on a voluntary basis to give us quick feedback via email on different images we’d share with you.

To give you an overview of how this would work:

  • We’ll send you a screenshot of a specific part of the MDT page both current and the new version
  • We’re asking for you to reply-all to the email we’d send you giving us feedback on what you like about the new MDT and then compare it with the current MDT we have.
    • We’d like you to compare the new MDT with the current MDT to let us know what you like from the old MDT that you’d like to see in the new MDT.
  • We’ll send multiple rounds of emails each with a different part of the MDT
  • A condition to this is that we ask you to not share any screenshots we send you with someone else until we launch this update because we expect some thing to change prior to the launch

If you’d like to participate, please reply to this thread of DM me. I’ll be using the email attached to your forum account to ask for feedback.

Thanks all,

I wouldn’t mind taking a look!

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Would be cool to help out

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Update: About to send out round 1 of feedback; all community owners will be included by default

Closing feedback groups for now. If you want to join PM me on the forum.