[New Feature] Slugs with Invite Page

Hello everyone!

We just released a new, but minor feature: Slugs with our Invite Page! Slugs with our invite page make our community invite page URL links shorter for example: afterthought-system.com/join/invitecode compared to previously: afterthought-system.com/join/invitecode-uniqueid.

We always wanted to keep it as the format: afterthought-system.com/join instead of afterthought-system.com/join?invitecode=blank because we value our customers and users SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It allows your community to have your own custom meta tags and images which makes those embed messages in Discord when you paste your invite link.

How do I get this new slug feature?

If you’re an existing customer your slug has been automatically ported over as your invite link; however, some of you may not have it ported over due to invalid characters we cannot use. This means that you’d have to do over to your community admin panel under community settings, then change the Invite Code to a valid format. After doing that it’ll automatically port over.

Does my current invite link still work?

Yes, it does.

Questions, concerns? Let me know below!