Portal page issue

I have found an issue with the portal sign-in page so when I logged off and then try to log back in, the login button dissipates and the sign-up button changes to go to the portal when it was only that should happen if I’m log in, and then when I clicked go-to portal it takes me to the sign-up page but it changes to a thing to verify my account but I’m log off and i can’t click anything else.

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Hey there @elsolitariogamerxl,

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I’m Johnny, Chief Operating Officer at Afterthought System, I’m also one of the engineers for Terminal, so I’m looking into this now! I’ll keep you updated :blush:


Hey @elsolitariogamerxl,

I see this issue, super weird. @drake and I are looking into this issue. Will update when we have more information

Hey @elsolitariogamerxl,

Update after investigating the issue for a few hours. It seems to be some bad cookies issue, have you tried to clear your cookies off your browser?

Let me know how that goes!

wdym? @johnny

Have you tried to clear your cookies? These are some instructions on how to do so on chrome. I was able to reproduce it initially, but after browser clearing cookies it seems to be fine again.

ok thanks, and one more question how do you make cookies work with a bubble app? if you don’t mind me asking

Not sure in terms of technical terms, but the three default cookies set by Bubble are:

  • One to mark the user’s session ID
  • One with the session signature to prevent tampering
  • One that tells the browser who the current user is

is that a plug in or how do i add it?

No, it’s a default cookie.

oh ok

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